Another Very Serious Night with Barney Morin

– River Road Productions

If you thought last year was serious, pffffft, you’re in for a real doozie! Comedian-turned-real serious guy Barney Morin invites you for a night of sitting on turned-around chairs and having real talks. DO NOT expect sketch and stand-up comedy! An official Sergeant of Serious will be on hand to monitor silliness levels. In this crazy world, we have no time for horseplay or tomfoolery.
2019 Fringe, 4 STARS – CJOB
2022 Fringe, 4 STARS – Winnipeg Free Press
(Any silliness will be extra $$$.)

3 thoughts on “Another Very Serious Night with Barney Morin

  1. Unfortunately the rating of “General” for “mild language” gave entirely the wrong impression and we brought our 8yo kid. The lewd humour, loose use of profanity, and tongue-in-cheek references to alcoholism made for a pretty uncomfortable 45 minutes for us. Which is too bad, because there’s also some very funny material here! So just be aware this is not appropriate for General audiences, it’s a grown-up show.

  2. It’s a great show!👍🥳 I laughed lots and loved it all! It’s a must-see show!

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