Booger Red

– Jim Loucks

Booger Red survives a rough childhood, becoming a renowned hellfire and brimstone Southern Baptist preacher. Can preacher’s kid Jimmy emerge from under his shadow, finding his own unique voice? If you’ve ever had a dream or a daddy, Loucks’ passionate solo performance is for you.
Loosely based on stories from Loucks’ childhood, Booger Red is the story of someone finding their own unique voice, resisting the pressures of society’s ideas of who they should be, and forging their own way.
“He’s that good and can I get an AMEN??? DON’T MISS THIS!!!” – Joseph Parra, Stage, TV & Cinema

4 STARS- Edmonton Journal, Winnipeg Free Press
Winner- Best Solo Performance at Houston Fringe for Booger Red and Tucson Fringe for The Biscuiteater

3 thoughts on “Booger Red

  1. Captivating story about a father/ son relationship. Heartfelt & compassionate, leaving you cheering for them both. BRAVO 👏

  2. An elegant and nuanced story about a son trying to find common ground with his father in spite of their differences. Great vocal performances as well. Did I cry? A little.

  3. Loucks tells parallel stories of his father, nicknamed Booger Red, and himself, as they come of age and grow into becoming performers/storytellers each in their own way. Loucks has great energy and a mesmerizing presence and I loved his use of music to draw us into his world.

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