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A memoir-o-logue; a healing spell; a stand-up, spoken-word love letter to the books we’ve loaned and lost, and the secret paths they travel in the world to find us.
Winner of Storytelling/Spoken Word Favourite – Victoria Fringe, 2022
Corin’s first show, Bookworm, (“at once intimate, open-hearted and evangelical” – Georgia Straight) was named Pick of the Fringe in Vancouver, 2012. His follow-up, The Great Canadian Tire Money Caper, was no slouch either. Corin’s a full-time singer/songwriter who’s only turned to monologues for the financial security.

“Corin Raymond is a storyteller who by the end of the night you’ll have known your whole life” – Brad Wheeler, The Globe and Mail

7 thoughts on “BOOKMARKS

  1. Beautiful, funny, heartbreaking, raw. Corin is a magical wordsmith and I am not, so I’ve written and deleted this totally inadequate review a dozen times. No matter what you’re looking for in a performance, you will not be disappointed by Bookmarks. Superb.

  2. This was my best of fest so far! Incredibly beautiful writing that will haunt me with book pondering phrases. I loved the play on repetition, the layering of stories. I hope this becomes available as a recording!

  3. Dare I say the pinnacle of my Fringe career? Loved Corey’s Bookworm years ago, but Bookmarks is even better! Such poetic weaving of words, rich layers, pathos, humour, about memory and forgetting, about BOOKS, about security and anxiety, about looking for oneself … okay, my list makes it sound boring. Don’t listen to me, listen to Corey! He’s doing only one Fringe this year, and we are lucky enough to be it. Don’t miss him!!
    Solid 5 stars.

  4. The sense of warmth and comfort Corin creates in his show makes it feel as though you’re spending time with an old friend. He weaves together a touching, funny, thought-provoking story. Definitely worth seeing.

  5. TJ Dawe, you’re right! Bookmarks is “a healing spell.” Layers and layers on layers revealed, lots of laughs, and tears. master story telling and word play. 5 out of 5! and the conversations Bookmarks ignites afterwards…

  6. A one person performance that is as good or better than any we have seen. Definitely 5/5

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