Breaking Bard

– Seismic Shift Productions

The Spontaneous Shakespeare Company presents Breaking Bard, an improvised Shakespearean tragedy!

After years of sell-out performances in Vancouver, the company is hitting the road for the first time to bring the Fringe circuit their high-brow fusion of the works of the Bard with a modern comedic improv twist. Inspired by audience suggestions, the company members will create an entirely new Shakespearean epic. Equally heartfelt and hilarious, this is the show for Shakespeare buffs and novices alike!

5 thoughts on “Breaking Bard

  1. An imaginative improv with Shakespearian tones. Fast moving and hilarious. A must see!

  2. From the moment they enter the stage, til they drop at the end, the actors are smart, charming, outrageous and laugh out loud funny. Shakespeare never looked or sounded better. Go see it !

  3. This was an incredible show with seamless improv and Shakespeare off the cuff. If you’re a fan of either, it’s a must see!

  4. What a delight! This group is smart, fast, engaging, and whipped up an intriguing storyline like pros! Don’t let the Shakespeare scare you, take a chance on Breaking Bard!

  5. 5 stars! Not what I expected, but a funny and surprisingly moving piece of theatre!

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