Broadway at the Blue Elephant

– 7 Ages Productions

The legendary Blue Elephant Cabaret presents a concert of Broadway hits from some of the most memorable musicals. Some Enchanted Evening, I Dreamed a Dream, The Impossible Dream, Send in the Clowns, and many more Broadway hits sung by outstanding vocalists Tony Francisco, Veronica Starr, Bobby Styles and Rose La Tour, who will thrill and enchant with their powerful performances.
“It is a singer’s dream to present for you some of the best-loved musical theatre songs in this intimate format” – Tony
“I enjoy how the theme of love is woven through pieces that invoke a wide range of emotions” – Rose
If you love Broadway musicals, you’ll love this show!

14 thoughts on “Broadway at the Blue Elephant

  1. Wonderful performance by a great cast full of talented singers. A very nice selection of music and excellent harmonies. Bravo!

  2. A very beautiful musical performance. It woul be perfect if you can please write the names of the songs in your programme. Thanks!

  3. We thoroughly enjoyed this performance of Broadway classics! The singers and pianist gave very strong performances. The 2 Les Mis selections sung by Joe Plante and Erin-Brie Warwick were excellent. And “Love look away” by Plante – wow. Talented cast all around. One recommendation would be a song list in the program, especially helpful for the less familiar ones that you might want to listen to again.

  4. I saw the show last night. Vocals were lovely, sophisticated and professional. I knew only a few if the selections, and enjoyed it. Please note it’s only singing, no script. I don’t Know how to Love Him from Jesus Christ Superstar was wonderful. Thank you.

  5. I really enjoyed listening to all this wonderful music performed by such capable artists. The highlight for me was Send in the Clowns. If you like classic Broadway songs, then this show is for you. Extra shout out to Holly for her stellar piano playing throughout the entire show with no break.

  6. The Broadway productions were before my time. I was not familiar with any of the songs. No story line, or Insight from which play each song was from. Wish there was explanation behind each chosen song. Not what I expected

  7. Totally enjoyed the performance this afternoon. The artists expressed such range. The pianist was exceptional! I especially enjoyed selections from “Jesus Christ “Superstar” and “Les Miserables”

  8. This performance is not to be missed! Four incredibly talented vocalists and a pianist – an outstanding cast. Sit back, relax, feel the emotions and sway to Broadway tunes.

  9. These people were really good at what they do! Just wanted to give a heads up if you are a younger fringer like me… they sing a lot of classics. So if you are expecting any modern Broadway, this isn’t the show for you. If you love the oldies… this is what you are looking for!!

  10. An enchanting and uplifting performance of familiar tunes. The four talented artists each presented lovely songs from Broadway shows, but my favourite was the final piece – the harmonies were spell-binding!

  11. Enjoyed the songs, especially those familiar (Send in the Clowns and O What a Beautiful Morning were my tops).
    Recommendations – A small history of the songs for those not familiar, and simple costume additions would add to the performance.

  12. ‘Heather on the Hill’ and the Les Mis selections were favourites! The soprano (Erin Bree) and tenor (Joe) blended so well together. And who can say no to Les Mis at Fringe? The bass (Dylan) and alto (Katrina) hit notes so low, low, low! Thanks for a great show

  13. This is an uplifting, no-frills concert of Broadway hits…it’ll refresh your soul and fill your cup. Special kudos to pianist Holly Walker for playing the gamut of musical theatre (including Sondheim). A great cast with many standout performances. I looked around me after Dylan Woodcock’s ‘Send in the Clowns’ and half the people I could see were crying…in a good way. I’ve seen almost all of the musicals on offer at FF and he is one of the best singers at Fringe. And the full cast singing together in harmony? MONEY!

  14. Was fortunate to catch the opening of this intimate, enjoyable performance. A talented cast of 4 and pianist sing their way through many of the most notable love songs of musical theatre.

    It took a few songs to settle in but I was soon enchanted by the familiar melodies and tight harmony.

    The full cast gave lovely performances, but Kitrina Plante’s smoky, present alto pierced the heart in ‘As Long as He Needs Me.’

    And, Dylan Woodcock’s rich, full bass-baritone blew the roof off Cercle Moliere…more than once!

    Those were just 2 notables in an all-around enjoyable piece. My very best to all. If musical theatre is your thing…see this!

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