Bruce Ryan Costella’s: RAT MAN HAPPY PLACE

– Bruce Ryan Costella

Our world has ended. Now visit the “Happiest” ruins on Earth — using only the power of garbage and imagination!
Direct from Orlando, Florida, RAT MAN HAPPY PLACE is an interactive play that is equal parts storytelling, theme park satire and children’s theatre for weird adults.
Because even in the darkest time… there’s ALWAYS a gift shop!
Written and performed by award-winning Florida theatre-maker Bruce Ryan Costella.
“Of the performances I’ve seen at the Fringe so far this year, this is my favourite […] It was perfect.” – Colin Thomas, Substantive Editor
“the luminous Bruce Costella, who threatens to steal the show every time he’s on stage” – Orlando Sentinel

6 thoughts on “Bruce Ryan Costella’s: RAT MAN HAPPY PLACE

  1. I’m so glad I took a chance on this goofy show! For both Disney adults and not-Disney adults, it’s the fun kind of audience participation.

  2. Right up my alley!!! I highly recommend this show and the performer in general. Mr. Costella, if you’re reading this please come back next fringe!

  3. What a delightful and weird show. The performer’s interactions with the audience, including Mayor Rick, were delightful and charming. Audience participation was fun and non-threatening and helped create an atmosphere where you couldn’t help but root for him.

  4. Wonderfully performed show! Smart, silly and just fun. A must see show from a first time Winnipeg fringe artist.

  5. Very funny, I had a great time! The audience participation was simple and fun, nothing uncomfortable if you’re the type of person who worries about that (I am) so I can wholeheartedly recommend this show!

  6. OH MY GOSH I LOVED THIS SHOW! He is extremely talented and committed in his character! I was entertained the whole time, and loved his inclusion and interaction with his audience! We felt welcomed and brought memories of nostalgia! A must see show!

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