Clueless in ZA

– Erik de Waal

Erik de Waal grew up with the winds of change blowing in his face. This satirical memoir traces his coming of age alongside South Africa’s as it transformed itself from an Apartheid state into the country with the most progressive constitution in the world.
This is the updated remount of the 2016 Fringe hit Head in the Clouds.
5 STARS “An emotional and inspiring journey into hope” – Winnipeg Free Press

4 thoughts on “Clueless in ZA

  1. Always the true master, he brings the tales of uncomfortable subjects to comfortable settings.

  2. Erik de Waal is always reliable. With that lovely and sonorous voice, he tells a riveting story about growing up in a country both beloved and broken, finding its way to healing.

  3. Master storyteller Erik de Waal reminisces on growing up in apartheid South Africa, with a gentle reminder that Canada has its own history to process. 5 stars

  4. A wonderful hour! Erik de Waal is a superb, magnetic storyteller and he weaves several threads of his own story together very well. Just a man and a microphone. Nothing more is needed or desired.

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