Creating Rem Lezar

– Rem Lezar Theatre

Creating Rem Lezar tells the story of Zack and Ashlee, two ordinary kids who make an extraordinary discovery: they have the same imaginary friend, a blue-haired superhero named Rem Lezar. With the power of their combined imaginations, they bring Rem Lezar to life! They sing, celebrate, dance and go on an incredible adventure to find Rem’s legendary Quixotic Medallion. Along the way, Rem shows the kids the true power of friendship and they discover the highest points of their imagination!
Based on the 1989 direct-to-video cult-classic of the same name, this quirky, strange and unique musical is guaranteed fun for kids, adults, and everyone in between!

6 thoughts on “Creating Rem Lezar

  1. This show is so full of heart, you just can’t help smiling when you watch it. The entire cast does an amazing job, especially when it comes to the musical numbers. Fun and wholesome for everyone, even those who have never seen the movie it’s based on.

  2. We need this superb company to either/both tour elementary schools across Winnipeg, and/or could someone please add “Creating Rem Lezar” to MTYP next season for all children to see! The acting of two teen actors are grounded and unironically sincere, not to mention their great singing voices. But the real hero of course is the actor playing Rem Lezar, so committed in his blue spandex and purple cape. He’s kind, accepting, and encourages kids to collaborate and believe in themselves. A refreshing, feel good show perfect for all ages.

  3. I watched Creating Rem Lezar and my crops are watered, my skin has cleared, and I now have 20/20 vision. It’s an incredible show and good for the whole family. Hilarious for older teens and parents as well

  4. Honestly such a cute show with connections to the original movie! Very talented actors and great singing voices! I suggest that you go and watch it!

  5. Such a well-adapted play that reflects on the original movie, saying true to the environment and energy/quirkiness of the characters! Wonderful cast, crew, and musicians! Loved to watch this show, and great for audiences of all ages! Lots of fun and worth your time!

  6. After seeing this, I feel like Rem Lezar was always destined for the stage. I appreciated all the localization for Winnipeg audiences, that added some extra humour, which was welcome when it seems like a majority of the audience wasn’t familiar with the source material. But I think even the ones who don’t know what Rem Lezar is or why this is funny were still having a good time.

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