Dangerous Mind

– Strange Danger

A raw and gripping journey into the life of a struggling comedian. Scott goes into his constant battles with self-doubt, anxiety, depression, addiction and most recent self-discoveries and personal treasures. This show is dark, intimate, sad, funny and sometimes surprising.

Prepare to enter the psyche of Scott and discover why he is truly a DANGEROUS MIND.

One thought on “Dangerous Mind

  1. Scott Porteous’s Dangerous Mind is exactly the kind of show a FRINGE FEST should have. Scott’s vulnerability and reasons for making some of the life choices he made is a sneak peek into mens emotional health, or lack there of. Scotts story might not be the most universally relatable, but it speaks volumes on how accountability works in real life, and how we’re all just trying to be better one day at a time, regardless of our multitude of challenges.

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