Dog Gone


Does every dog deserve a second chance? Does every person deserve a dog? Arizona Animal Control doesn’t think so.
Suddenly, Alice must prove she’s worthy of her dog’s love… but is she? She’s living in a van, has a sketchy past, and has no idea where she’s going – to Canada and the land she loves or back to LA and the man she married. Will Alice save her dog, will her dog save her or will she end up alone and empty-leashed?
Writer/director Brenda McFarlane (“lively and engaging” – Variety Magazine; 4 OUT OF 4 STARS “a sharp eye for the absurdities and petty madness of modern life” – The Globe & Mail) brings a comedy about love lost, love found, and one Sassy Bitch.

3 thoughts on “Dog Gone

  1. A lively, engaging play with a great story and some great laughs. Impressive one-woman performance!

  2. Don’t worry you will laugh more than cry! A well done show. Anyone who has loved a pet can relate to this.

  3. Oh this show made me CRY. A very sweet story about a mess of a woman being made whole by her love for her rescue dog. Also a portion of the proceeds are going to the Humane Society!

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