Donating Sperm to My Sister’s Wife

– Kelly Finnegan Productions

Comedian and Kentucky Liberal Stewart Huff is a three-time Best Comedy Award Winner (Orlando Fringe) and winner of the Aspen Comedy Festival. In the style of Mark Twain with the bite of George Carlin, Stewart tells the hilarious story of Donating Sperm to My Sister’s Wife. He actually did that. Then wrote this award-winning one-man comedy show. That really pisses off rednecks.
“Both thoughtful and extremely funny” – Edmonton Fringe
“There is no doubt that Stewart Huff deserves all five stars” – CBC

10 thoughts on “Donating Sperm to My Sister’s Wife

  1. So this guy from the deep south drives up to the Wpg Fringe and had us belly laughing start to finish. Loved it …give the guy 5 stars.

  2. Just got home from this show. He’s an excellent easy going funny comedian. The laughs come easy! Hope you are reunited with your little friend at the border! 😀🙋‍♀️

  3. Stewart was hilarious start to finish. There’s a reason why he had a sold out Wednesday evening show. Definitely one you don’t want to miss. Heartwarming and full of laughter the whole show.

  4. You don’t want to miss this one!! My husband and I laughed until everything hurt. This amazing show was half comedy half story telling. Definitely give it a 5 star rating. The best comedy I have seen in years.

  5. If you love stand-up or just want to laugh for an hour straight, go see this show. I feel guilty having only spent $12 to see it! Thank you Stewart for many hilarious stories.

  6. Just when I thought my Fringe “radar” had failed me after a couple of good, but not great, shows, along comes Stewart Huff with a genuinely gut-busting stand-up routine. Howl as he joins “Leland” on a search for Yeti (aided by some ‘shine) and mourn with him for the raccoon’s a**. Warning: you will never look at a salad bowl or a shot glass the same way again!

  7. Great show from beginning to end. He is a great storyteller and his message was clear – we all need to be kind to everyone even those with different views than ours. He had us laughing out loud. Well done!

  8. Master storyteller and comedian. I knew I was immediately in good hands with Stewart as he took us all on a wonderful, funny (and briefly intimate) ride, no matter where he chose to go.

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