Drag Me to the Opera

– Aida Cupcake Presents

WINNER – Spirit of the Fringe (Victoria, BC 2022)
WINNER – Critic’s Pick (Hamilton, ON 2022)
Aida Cupcake is hitting operatic highlights and high notes in this autobiographical revue about how a young tenor ended up at the fringe in a dress. Boasting 7 costume and wig changes, don’t miss this story about finding your voice and following your heart.
“This little show is DYNAMITE!” – L. Hobson – Calgary theatre critic
“A marvelous piece of stage craft, storytelling, and performance.” – J. Nicholson – Hamilton ViewMag
“If theatre cultivates perspective and connection, this show checks the boxes. Recommended!” – J. Mendoza – Vancouver Blogger

7 thoughts on “Drag Me to the Opera

  1. Truly inspiring; Aida Cupcake is an engaging performer. Drag Me to the Opera is witty, intimate & cleverly educational – Definitely worth experiencing!

  2. This is my pick of the fringe and I already saw it twice. I loved the performer and his story. He has a beautiful voice and even though I am not very familiar with opera, I really enjoyed the singing. The costume changes are also very effective. Bravo/brava!

  3. Just okay. An earnest performance, but not a very interesting story.

    A few funny bits, and tons of singing, which was okayish but not great.

  4. Enjoyable show, especially for people who are opera lovers. I found his self-reflections about the journey of figuring out whether he could pursue opera to be touching.

  5. Loved it! A window into the life and the road travelled to become an opera singer. Colour, story, music, all knit together by the charismatic, talented, and charming performer!

  6. Fantastic. We saw this pretty much by accident. The show had pathos, wonderful singing, and one of the best lines of the Fringe. 4.5 stars.

  7. You don’t have to be an opera fan or even a drag fan to love this show. Aida Cupcake’s performance is that good, and oh that voice is golden. The show is mesmerizing, hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking. It takes us behind the curtain to see what it really takes to be an opera singer.

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