Dude, Where’s My Karma?

– Fedor Comedy

Ever had a road trip go so wrong you ended up in a war? Fedor has. And it was the least of his worries.
Internationally touring Dutch comedian Fedor Ikelaar, loved by audiences from Kathmandu to Cape Town, tells his Forrest Gump-like true story of searching for his one true life path, only to find himself in one bizarre adventure after the other: from unintentionally relocating to Nepal to becoming a university teacher of a language he doesn’t know. Until finally it all comes to a head in Ukraine.

Join Fedor for a wild ride that will have you captivated, emotional… and laughing your socks off.
“Next level comedy” – Kathmandu Times
“Jokes that need to be told” – Ukrainian TV

4 thoughts on “Dude, Where’s My Karma?

  1. Fedor is clearly a standup comedian first and foremost, but his show also had sweet and touching moments in addition to the laughs he had throughout. He has a relaxed persona that’s easy to like, from the very beginning when he shares his experiences and thoughts of being in Canada so far.

  2. I saw Dutch comic in the program, and thought why not? So glad we took in this show. Fedor will certainly make you laugh, and quite unexpectedly make you tear up at the end. Thank you for bringing your show to Winnipeg, and for all you’ve done for Ukraine. Go see this show!

  3. Crazy funny journey of Fedor’s life experiences. His casual delivery belies the import of a timely message. Bravo! Wonderful performance. #wpgfringe

  4. Fedor Ikelaar’s travels fuel his stand-up in Dude, Where’s My Karma?, but his experiences in Ukraine are what quiety delivers the gut punch of a final message. Loved the show. #wpgfringe

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