Dungeons & Shakespeare

– Shelby Bond

Shelby Bond (One Man Back to the Future, The Sherlock Holmes Experience) transports you to a world where iconic Shakespeare characters face horrific monsters from Dungeons & Dragons! Inspired by the Bard, determined by dice, brought to life on stage. Each performance is a unique and sweeping tale, determined by audience choices and giant dice. All the world’s a game…Come be a player!

“Comedic gold” – FringeReview.ca, “One of Fringe’s most reliably effervescent performers.” – Winnipeg Free Press

8 thoughts on “Dungeons & Shakespeare

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this show. I have never played d ‘n’ d but it was not necessary to enjoy this. Shelby is funny and guided the show deftly. The night we went we had a very unlucky King Lear. My husband was killing himself laughing.

  2. Great show from Shelby tonight! Hilarious and participatory, while still safe for those who just want to watch the fun and cheers. The tale of Kate from Taming of the Shrew was lots of fun!

  3. I don’t know DnD, but I adore Shakespeare. This interactive experience had me laughing until my face hurt. Think “choose your own adventure” with the classics that you read in school! Shelby Bond knocks it out of the park

  4. I went twice! Fantastic enthusiasm. I love that Shelby didn’t use anybody who did not want to be on stage. His personal touch and sharing of when he was a kid was touching

  5. My husband and I LOVED this show. Loved the audience participation aspect and how Shakespeare was soon artistically woven into everything. Shelby was incredibly charismatic, witty and entertaining. Highly recommend this show, even if you aren’t familiar with Shakespeare and/or Dnd.

  6. Absolutely amazing! Went twice! It was sold out, and he had the whole audience participating.

  7. Absolutely loved this show! Very clever concepts and improvisation with including various audience members to help enhance and move the created story along! Amazing connections to both Shakespeare plots/characters, and D&D; generally easy to follow if you’re not a huge gamer! Definitely go see it!

  8. This patron participation show had the audience laughing and cheering and Shakespear rolling over in his grave.

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