Eleanor’s Story: Life After War

– Ingrid Garner

5 STARS “A complete, stand-alone epic.” – Fringe Feed
Ingrid Garner, 12-time award-winning creator of Eleanor’s Story: An American Girl In Hitler’s Germany, delivers a fascinating sequel to her grandmother’s memoir. Eleanor came of age as an enemy alien in Nazi Berlin, but upon her long-awaited return home, she sorrowfully discovers that her beloved America is a stranger. She yearns for normalcy as she struggles to assimilate into peaceful society, and US high school, while haunted by war trauma.
This experience is all too familiar for today’s refugees from violence and political turmoil worldwide. The combat may be over, but the war within has just begun.
*It is not necessary to have seen the original show to enjoy this sequel.

3 thoughts on “Eleanor’s Story: Life After War

  1. Part 2 was as perfect as Part 1 last year. The acting, character accents and story was so memorial that it made you crave for more once the show ended. Part 3?? We sure hope so.. BRAVO 👏

  2. Every once in a while a show comes along that reminds one of the power and necessity of live theatre. This was it for me. A stunning piece from beginning to end. Even though I didn’t see the original show, I didn’t need to. (But now, I definitely WANT to.) Thank you for bringing this to the Winnipeg Fringe.
    My only negative comment would be about the venue. It wasn’t good and this show deserved better.

  3. This was an excellent performance. She moved seamlessly between the different characters. I will be looking to buy the book it was based on and wish I had had the opportunity to have seen her first play.

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