Epidermis Circus (Ingrid Hansen’s Spicy Puppet Show)


A spicy puppet cabaret, hosted by a sassy grandma who keeps trying to steal the show. On television, Ingrid puppeteers for the Jim Henson Company. On stage, Hansen creates playful vignettes in the palm of her hand that are magnified onto a huge screen.

5 STARS “Imagine Shari Lewis’s soul got possessed by David Lynch. Delicious dark deadpan humour, provocative cinematic effect, apocalyptic imagery, the occasional erotic frisson…Everything a fringe show should be” – Winnipeg Free Press
“Raunchy, hilarious” – Jenny Revue
5 STARS “Her physicality is impeccable” – StarPhoenix
“An amazingly versatile physical comedian with a knack for bringing inanimate objects to life”​ – Montreal Gazette

Get your comedy fix and stretch your brain into surreal worlds.

3 thoughts on “Epidermis Circus (Ingrid Hansen’s Spicy Puppet Show)

  1. Best show I’ve seen this festival! Hard to believe you can do that much with a hand and a few props! The audience was laughing the entire time! Must see!

  2. Epidermis Circus is playful and clever in a way that I have never seen in any show. Ingrid Hansen turns anything and everything into a puppet or prop and makes it funny in ways I would have never thought of. My whole family laughed at all the absurd scenarios. It’s my favourite show in the Fringe so far.

  3. “Ingrid is basically a genius as far as I’m concerned.” – Jem Rolls

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