Every Good Story Ends With One

– Martin Dockery

Winner of the 2022 Vancouver Pick of the Fringe.

An ALL-TRUE, comedic tale about a completely unbelievable and mysterious romance – one that takes place at a Fringe Festival in Australia. This is a story about the nature of comedy, the delusion of love, the tunnel-vision of faith and the fabrication of storytelling itself. A funny, one-of-a-kind, high-voltage performance from Fringe veteran Martin Dockery, winner of over 50 festival awards from 15 years of touring the Fringe circuit. Writer/performer of last year’s The Sex Life of Butterflies and The Stakeout, and this year’s Long Night of The American Dream. Not to be missed!
“One of the finest storytellers on the Fringe.” – NOW Magazine, Toronto.

7 thoughts on “Every Good Story Ends With One

  1. My first Martin Dockery Fringe show, it won’t be my last! Great storytelling, fast paced, and hope yr voice hangs in to the end.

  2. So compelling was the storytelling that I had fallen for Erin and also felt the pain of unrequited love.

  3. Martin never disappoints! It was a great storytelling feat to be enjoyed by all with a bit of a twist at the end. Loved, loved, loved it.

  4. Martin Dockery’s storytelling is captivating! Never miss an opportunity to see him at the Fringe. Another fabulous show!

  5. Martin Dockery does not disappoint. Another great story-telling with a great twist ending.

  6. Martin Dockery knocked it out of the park again! EVERY GOOD STORY ENDS WITH ONE had me captivated, and I never saw the twist coming. The Royal Albert has wrap around stage seating with complementary pillars and chairs to suit anyone’s taste. #wpgfringe

  7. Masterful storyteller Martin Dockery doesn’t disappoint connecting butterflies, wrestling dolls, bubbles and more to a weird tale of life, love and human nature. I will forever more look at oreo cookies and think of this show!

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