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This modern riff on the 15 century morality play Everyman follows Everybody as they journey through life’s greatest mystery — the meaning of living.
“This is theatre rather unlike anything you might have seen… unusual, unconventional and eye-opening… Everyman is no barrel of laughs, being a morality play about death. EVERYBODY tells the same tale, with equal emotional heft; but it is not only provocative and involving, it is also funny. Wildly funny, in fact.” – The Huffington Post

10 thoughts on “EVERYBODY

  1. The lead actress delivered a performance that was raw, honest, and funny exactly at the right times. This cast tackled the difficult script with everything they had and were able to pull it off with moments of great honesty. Very well done!

  2. Kudo’s to director Cairn Moore for taking a heavy subject and turning it into a memorable theatre experience! A shut out to the lead actress and to “Love” for their bravery in the “denying of the body” scene. I have to say something about “Stuff”! He’s a fine actor with impeccable timing! This play ranks as one of the best I have ever seen.

  3. Was able to see this show last week and it was great but definitely could use some work. I feared 90 minutes for such an abstract play would be too long but was pleased with how quickly it went by in regards to be continuously entertaining. The lead actress was unbelievably talented. She captured the audience attention the moment she entered the stage I can’t praise her enough. The rest of the cast was fun. Some group scenes without the lead fell a little short, possibly new actors with less experience as it felt the lead must have some experience under her belt in comparison to her cast. Unfortunately I felt like the play could have used some cleaning up in regards to group scenes they just weren’t as strong as individual or duo scenes. The one major issue I had was the dragging out of scenes one that comes to mind is the little girl part it just goes on for far too long and the joke dies. I also feel the scenes of having people all speak at the same time in unison was very bad it just felt cheesy and like an excuse to cover up actors not being as confident in their own parts. I’m sure this is how it’s intended to be but I think the director should have chosen a different path from the original intention to improve this. The actor playing Love was also very good and I really enjoyed his performance. The ability to move audience emotions from laughing to discomfort and sadness was very well done.
    overall I’m glad I saw the show.

  4. Meeting wonderful volunteers and lucky me gets to usher and see the plays. Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival is simply the best!
    And what a truly Fringe experience was “EVERYBODY” A super strong cast featuring a few very young actors and a few veterans with a thought provoking and truly creative play . Each cast member put everything into this performance that asks and leaves you to answer the many questions we all have about life in the human plane of existence. Truly what I love so much about the fringe is when a play like this comes along that is truly experimental and innovative in every way!

  5. A wonderful show! I didn’t know what to expect, and found it funny and poignant. Above all, it left me thinking for days afterwards about the layers of who we are, and what our lives and relationships mean. I highly recommend this show.

  6. Though I felt it was quite long, it was also interesting and occasionally funny. Most actors delivered their lines very well.

  7. Everybody is an awesome show with a talented cast who do an excellent job balancing between laugh out loud comedic moments, and heavier more thought provoking themes of existential dread. It’s all portrayed masterfully and with a meta, tongue in cheek wit that makes it a joy to watch.

    Highly recommend!

  8. A brilliant existential ride delivered by an excellent cast executing a challenging play that is heady in its theme and dialogue but driven by a spectrum of emotion (which reflects what life is about).

  9. A great show with a very talented cast! Beautifully performed and directed. Even though it is 90 minutes, it was over before I knew it. You will laugh and have your heart opened. See this show!

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