Everything is Super Wow

– Spec Theatre

Everything is Super Wow: a foot-fuelled, slapstick tragedy about bikepacking, dreaming big and giving up in your 30s.
Follow along with #mr.coffeehead in this kinetic journey filled with original music, peppy puppets and awkwardly captivating dance breaks.
Revamped version of 2022’s Fringiest of the Fringe, mr.coffeehead. New puppets! New music! New weird!
Fringe 2022 (as mr.coffeehead):
*Nominated for Outstanding Clown Show (Montreal)
“I was entranced by Ira’s performance” – Sarah Deshaies, CKUT Radio
“A great clown should be funny, courageous, vulnerable, and have a voice that needs to be heard. Mr. Coffeehead is all of that and more.“ – Bob Frazer
“One of my favourite shows” – audience member handing ira an additional $70 after a show at the Edmonton Fringe

One thought on “Everything is Super Wow

  1. Zany and fun, a kooky journey with a good heart. The fringiest thing we’ve seen so far! Give this show a try!

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