-Megan Phillips

The friend zone.

A special kind of purgatory for that nice guy, whose friend just won’t accept that he’s perfect for her. She’s out there, living her best life while he suffers the slings and arrows of outrageous and unjustified rejection.

But is it really all sunshine and roses for her?

friendzone explores the confusing, the complicated and the dark from her side of the zone…

Written and performed by Sherri Elle, dramaturgy by TJ Dawe, directed by Megan Phillips.

2 thoughts on “friendzone

  1. What an amazing play! Draws you in immediately with 80s music and nostalgia. Then keeps you in with laughter, curiosity, sadness, anger….as it explores an emotionally complicated theme. Highly recommended!

  2. Absolutely delightful performance on a sensitive subject… including times of darkness and times of laughter. Enjoyed opening night and would encourage others to check it out!

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