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Tess has never struggled with decisions… until her boyfriend Steve unexpectedly proposes. The next 10 seconds in her head expand into an epic and frantic journey as she determines the one word that will change the rest of her life.
4 ½ STARS – Edmonton Journal
4 STARS “Majestic comic timing” – Onstage Ottawa
“Not a show to be missed” – Apartment 613
“Poignant and hilarious” – New Ottawa Critics
“Bryson is a delight to watch” – NOW Toronto
SOLD OUT RUN – 2019 Edmonton Fringe
WINNER – Emerging Artist Award (Tamlynn Bryson, 2015 Ottawa Fringe)
WINNER – View Magazine’s Critic’s Choice, 2016 Hamilton Fringe

6 thoughts on “(in)decision

  1. So funny! Performer is clever, entertaining and energetic. Totally enjoyed this show

  2. Quite funny and very well-performed!

    The central idea did get a bit repetitive after a while, but I still enjoyed it.

  3. This was a great show. Engaged (pun intended) the whole time! Super relatable.

  4. we laughed so hard! wonderful show about a huge life decision that is super relatable.

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