The Barbarian Bombshells

– The Barbarian Bombshells

The Barbarian Bombshells Vaudeville musical comedy group.
Meet your new favourite horde of beautiful barbarian women ready to fight, sing and drink their way into your heart! The Bombshells are dedicated to spreading the message of strength and independence for all women with a heavy dose of raunchy fun!
​This show is NOT for the faint of heart or for younger audience members.

6 thoughts on “The Barbarian Bombshells

  1. I was concerned about some of the reviews, but still went and enjoyed myself, audience participation was on point! Vocals was a nice surprise. They had fun and we did too!

  2. Wow, just wow!
    The women are beautiful and some of them have an incredible voice. They warned us it would be crass and at times inappropriate, it sure delivered. My wife was so embarrassed while watching the “battle” scene. Although I don’t drink anymore I think the drinking songs were fun and I’ll say in closing I thoroughly enjoyed myself and of you want a silly and sort of campy comedy this show IS IT.

  3. Roses are red,as is her sword.If you see this and don’t laugh you should get an award! Bawdy, but so was Shakespeare. Great audience involvement and very fun! Very Fringy. A great party show.

  4. For someone that wrestles with issues of toxic masculinity, sexualization of other people, and other quirks I must say that this is a very important, relevant , and highly entertaining masterpiece. The performances are of the highest energy, the audience interaction is skillfully timed and well strategized to suit the themes of the play, and the dialogue is witty while revealing some interesting character arcs. Your threshold for sass, sexual expression, and kink may determine how you feel about this one and that alone makes catching a performance mandatory. Pure GOLD!!!

  5. I had big hopes for this one but I was a little disappointed. It delivers on what it promises, but just barely. I think it is better suited to bachelor parties and other special events. Fringers have pretty high standards when it comes to debauchery so for this crowd, it just wasn’t edgy enough to stand out. Bombshell Becky does strongly encourage you to day drink during the show – so maybe that would have helped.

  6. Brief thoughts:

    The songs were lovely. The warnings about it being raunchy are accurate. The overall material might be a bit thin, but let me say this: The program description was accurate.

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