The Barn Identity

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This international storyteller and multiple BEST OF FEST winner saw a movie and it put her in the Emergency Room. Now she’s fascinated by old barns. A lyrical comedy about solving the riddle of your obsessions… before it’s too late.
“Lyrical and whimsical, quirky and surprising” – The Sappy Critic
“As if pulled straight from a Joni Mitchell song, this solo show weaves a magic spell… An absolute delight.” – KC Fringe Review
Previous solo show accolades:
4 1/2 STARS “Beautiful” – Free Press
5 STARS “Fascinating… This is Fringe fare at its best” –
4 STARS “Vivid” – StarPhoenix

7 thoughts on “The Barn Identity

  1. This is a beautiful show. Erika creates such a safe, warm environment that makes it a show that you’re part of, not just a show that you’re watching. Lovely.

  2. What a stunner of a show. A total breath of fresh air, it’s rare that a performance can make you feel so connected to the artist. Absolutely a show worth watching.

  3. The description refers to it as a lyrical comedy, which did not hit the mark for me. Good performer 3*

  4. Not sure I would call this a comedy. Maybe it was just the performance I saw but this one did not live up to the reviews.

  5. Must see! Erika delivers a beautiful performance that is personal, nuanced and surprisingly funny.

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