The Comaback Kid

-Lykos Theatre

Turning 30 is hard. Turning 30 in a coma? That’s another story! On April 5, 2015, Mike fell unconscious in his apartment. What followed was a 10-day bare knuckle brawl back to a life that has never been the same. Witness the true story of one man’s journey from “incompatible with life” to critical care to the long road to recovery. This brand new coma-ing of age tale from Winnipeg’s own Mike de Jong examines survival, the fight of man vs. mind, and sleeping your way through your late 20s.

3 thoughts on “The Comaback Kid

  1. Excellent insight into what it was like for one person as he became aware of his surroundings again while recovering from a coma. Well told. Health care providers should see this: the patient in the bed is a person.

  2. Excellent story teller and I suspect the message with his story hit home for many people. Highly recommend this performance.

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