The Dreams of Nebuchadnezzar

– Gerauschbiest

Geraüschbiest takes you through a musical sculpture garden as they sing and display the wonders of the ancient kingdom of Babylon, and its downfall. Through the dreams of Nebuchadnezzar, the most powerful person of his time, the surreal revelations of dreams and the hard truths of prophecy are brought to the powerful. Adapted from the book of Daniel, the story tells of the inevitable downfall of a king and his descent into boanthropy. The piece features the Riel Gentlemen’s Choir (from Nuit Blanche’s Pollination Ceremony) as a thespian chorus, providing a brutalist but serene musical counterpart to the soaring vocal harmonies and uncanny instrumentation of Geraüschbiest.

7 thoughts on “The Dreams of Nebuchadnezzar

  1. This performance was jaw-dropping. Extremely cohesive from the soundscape to the visuals. Chilling and captivating. However, there were significant inaccuracies to the portrayal of the Ancient of Days and Daniel. I encourage anyone seeing it to also read the biblical account to see where the differences are.

  2. My Fringe standout so far. A truly unique production, with haunting music, arresting visuals, impressive performances – especially by the soloists – and wonderfully strange instruments. While the story itself is straightforward (Daniel interprets the king’s dreams, prophesying his downfall), the otherworldly subject matter, music and staging intertwine to create a surreal, dreamlike experience for the audience. Relax and enjoy the ride.

  3. I came, I went, I wept.

    Usually I only cry while watching dramatic television like This Is Us or Grey’s Anatomy, but this Fringe play brought me to tears with its beauty – both musically and with the delightful theatrical choreography. It’s clear the performers are professionals – and it’s their first Fringe play ever? I can’t believe that.

    Five stars (*****).

  4. Beautiful and intense. The instruments used are fantastic strange inventions of the artists and deliver impressive composition. The chorus and soprano perform complex arrangements with eerie harmonies, monastic chants, and soaring hooks. Simple but striking props and imagery do well at representing a dreamed reality. It is aggressive at points but my 4 year old had no trouble with it. Bring ear protection for little ones.

    Highly recommend.

  5. The music was completely haunting and the energetic performance of the actors really brought this to life. I appreciate their respectful treatment of the material.

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