The Dungeons ‘n’ Dragons Improv Show XIV

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The Dungeons ‘n’ Dragons Improv Show is back!
Twenty-five years after the assassination of the Good Dragon King by the Evil Wizard Garbuckle, the Kingdom of Heropolis fell to ruin. Once a joyful land filled with acts of heroism and mirth, now Heropolis is place where murder and debauchery reign. A darkness is spreading across the land, and no happy place seems safe.
With the only heirs to the throne still in hiding, can the forces of good fight back the wave of darkness and restore peace to the land? Find out, on the DND IMPROV SHOW!
Every review from the past 13 years: 5 STARS

4 thoughts on “The Dungeons ‘n’ Dragons Improv Show XIV

  1. The DND Improv Show never fails to be a favourite each Fringe. Regardless of whether you go to one showing, two showings, or every single showing, you’re always in for a treat!

  2. The Dungeons ‘n’ Dragons show is a perennial favorite always fun with some hilarious guest stars and enexpected antics. Fabulously funny.

  3. Watched this show for the first time and was not disappointed! Had a good time and the cast looks like they are too. Usually has special guests as part of the cast and adds to the fun and wildness that it Dungeons n’ Dragons show

  4. The Dungeons ‘n’ Dragons show is the best! Love the improv, costumes, and props. Going completely off script (?) and the DM steering the story back on path. Also, DnD audiences are fantastic. Gas Station is a comfy venue with not a bad seat in the house – and beer! #wpgfringe

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