The Elephant in the Room

– Priyanka Shetty

“One-woman wonder” Priyanka Shetty’s The Elephant in the Room is a witty, dark comedy about just your typical Indian metalhead and software engineer-turned-actor who must navigate life as an immigrant arriving in Trump’s America. When Priyanka makes the bold move to defy her family by quitting her IT job and moving to the US to pursue an acting career, things don’t quite turn out how she imagined.

Gear up for a funny, tumultuous ride through immiscible cultures, unforgettable love, irreparable loss and the desperation of not belonging anywhere.
4 STARS and Voted Most Popular – The Scotsman, 2022 Edinburgh Fringe
5 STARS – Get Your Coats On, 2022 Edinburgh Fringe

4 thoughts on “The Elephant in the Room

  1. A must must see !! Incredible and enthralling !! Priyanka’s performance was out of the ordinary !!
    Beautifully woven and naked with the truth without disrespecting either of the Nations.
    Very engaging and just did not know how the 60 minutes went by !!
    Heeps of congrats dear Priyanka and may you go places and bring out the best in you and others who aspire to come out of the rut, like in your case. 👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️

  2. Wonderfully told story that deserves your attention. Cleverly and clearly told, expertly performed. I loved this show.

  3. Priyanka is a very talented actor and for that reason I enjoyed the performance. However, the story itself was somewhat disjointed and confusing to me.

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