The 11 O’clock Number: The Improvised Musical

The award-winning improvised musical comedy is back for its 10th Canadian Fringe Festival! Based on suggestions from the audience, the cast creates a brand-new musical comedy on the spot, complete with twisting plots and show-stopping numbers – laughs are guaranteed.

4 1/2 STARS “Hilarious! The show left me laughing uncontrollably.” – Edmonton Journal

4 STARS “Fabulous foolishness in five part harmony” – CBC Manitoba

4 STARS “What they do seems virtually impossible” – Breakfast Television

Adam’s Neurohilarity

Come join the fun as a rotating line-up of neurodiverse comics share their thoughts, stories and lives. The show is always fun and always new.

Featuring comics at all levels, from seasoned veterans and Fringe favorites to brand-new comics.

African Folktales with Erik de Waal


Half a million kids on five continents loved African Folktales. Talking giraffes, zany zebras, galumphing elephants and much more magic. African Folktales come to vibrant life through storytelling, puppetry, physical comedy and lots of laughs.

5 STARS “It’s superb. Don’t miss it.” – CBC Manitoba

5 STARS “The man just knows how to tell a story.” – Winnipeg Free Press

5 STARS “de Waal’s physical comedy is impeccable… It’s great, as is this whole performance.” – StarPhoenix

All of Human History in 7 Stories

Is it possible to tell the story of human existence in one hour? Find out as George takes you on a wild 50,000-year ride in a performance that amuses and entertains as it asks the big questions about what we’ve done and why it matters. Discover why Ghengis Khan was the original gangster, a giraffe is the ultimate status symbol, and Marie Antoinette’s court was basically the lunchroom from Mean Girls.

From the creator of I Lost on Jeopardy: 5 STARS “one-man master class in punchy, engaging storytelling” – Winnipeg Free Press


Waking up in a crop circle of your own making.

You are in the middle of it and there are no footprints.

It’s all normal until it’s not.

Profanity in prayer.

From the collaborators of III, Writing on the Stall, Purge, Jellyfish are Immortal, Angels & Aliens, Village Ax and Bizarro Obscure.

Are You Lovin’ It?


Gumbo Theatre in a wacky romp that is distinctly Japanese. A hit at Fringe Fests across the US and Canada. Take a Japanese TV game show, mix in anime, Trump, Krazy Kitty and Japanese “Businessman”.

“This kooky, edgy, cartoon-like show may be the strangest show I’ve ever seen at the Fringe. Five stars simply for audacity and invention” – Edmonton Journal

Critics’ Choice Media Pick at Edmonton Fringe, Black Venue Pick at Orlando Fringe, Outstanding Comedy at San Diego Fringe, Best Ensemble at FRIGID Festival New York

As It Turns Out…

Nothing is as it seems!

Sam and Judy are about to sell her family estate and retire to Barbados, or are they? Sam’s personal assistant, Gisele, and her husband, John, are going to buy the estate, but why? Everyone has hidden agendas and there are plots and double-crosses galore. Even a few old secrets will be shared.

Will everyone get what they want in the end?

Ask Me Anything

Una’s been called a “TOUR DE FORCE” – The Montreal Gazette.

Winner: BEST OF FEST for Recess, Winnipeg Fringe

Vulvas, penises and pandemics! Ask Me Anything is a hilarious show about the ups and downs of a Sex Ed teacher who doesn’t have any of the answers.

The newest work from award-winning performer/playwright Una Aya Osato, based on their own life in all the above. A tell-all adventure into the pleasure and pain of promising more than you can offer.

Audition Deficit Disorder

This irreverent comedy is about the torment, anxiety and fear of auditions and casting directors, where seven different characters attempt to negotiate the audition process. The problem is, they all occupy the same body… and they all possess various forms of Audition Deficit Disorder. Have they all gone mad, or are they just madly hilarious?

Take a trip into the Audition Deficit Disorder Zone, to a place where it doesn’t matter if the casting director doesn’t like your personality… as there are several more to choose from.

AWAY, NOW – The World’s Most Desired Destination

18-time Best of Fest winners and international Fringe favourites return!

Flight of the Concords meets Pee-Wee’s Playhouse in this HILARIOUS, SONG-FILLED VARIETY SHOW FOR ADULTS guaranteed to be the Greatest Theatrical Performance of a Travel Guide to a Place You Can’t Go! Sidesplitting surrealist stories! Silly songs! Spuppets! S!

“These two are comedic geniuses” – Pittsburgh Stage | Best Variety Show – Orlando Fringe

From the creators of:
Ain’t True & Uncle False and Tales Too Tall for Trailers 5 STARS – Winnipeg Free Press