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What happens when the classic storyline of Cinderella meets the legendary music of TSwift? You get the sparkly, parody musical Midnight. We’ve taken the well-known story and made it our own (Meraki’s Version) with the help of our amazing creative team and students at Meraki Theatre. From the team that brought you the sold-out show Déjà Vu at the 2022 Winnipeg Fringe, this fresh and modern-day take on a beloved tale is a must-see for fans of both iconic pop stars and classic fairy tales.
PS: If you’re a #Swiftie who couldn’t get tickets to the Era’s tour (or even if you’re not), we promise you can get tickets to THIS show. But maybe grab those seats before the clock strikes midnight.

12 thoughts on “Midnight

  1. Most wonderful youth show i’ve every seen at fringe! The writing was witty and exceeded my swifty fangirl expectations! The real swifties will understand all the references and even non-swifties will enjoy the laugh lines and familiar storyline of Cinderella! Extremely enjoyable show from the music choices, brilliant young actors and actresses to the staging and choreography! All around stellar performance matched with the honour of getting to support youth theatre! Contrary to some comments…the songs blended perfectly to the plot, and the audience was delightful and people were welcomed to sing along with the performance at times and the swifties in the crowd seemed engaged by the inside jokes and taylor references which seamlessly fit into the plot of the common fairytale.

  2. I loved everything about this play! The pre show was great and the show was fantastic. I saw cast 2 and every single student got into their character.
    You can tell these kids worked so hard and they did a fantastic job! Loved all the Taylor swift songs and loved they got the audience involved. Looking around at the sold out show,everyone was having a great time.
    I would say if you haven’t got tickets yet to grab them, but unfortunately your out of luck because they have sold out all 10 shows.
    Congrats Meraki

  3. Going again and happy to see the support of everyone, families who support their young people and new followers of Fringe🙋‍♀️💐

  4. I honestly loved every single thing about the show .. The costumes , the very talented young artist’s, the songs and their acting 🎭.. they were literally the STAR 🌟 of the show ..

  5. This was a great production that showcased some emerging talent in Winnipeg. You can tell the kids worked hard and that they’re having a blast on stage. So wonderful to catch some up and comers at Fringe! As a non-Swiftie, the show still managed to captivate and keep me entertained, and it’s the Cinderella story so whether you love TSwift or not, you’ll know what’s going on. Kudos to this cast on an impressive show!

  6. This a show that delivers a message that we all could use a little reminding of. Couple that with talent, a hard working cast and crew, and all things Taylor Swift, this is a must see performance. True Swifties are proud of this show. And no, my kids were not a part of this show, but they sure wanted to be as they watched with magic in their eyes.

  7. The show delivered an outstanding experience, especially for Taylor Swift enthusiasts. The skillful incorporation of T-Swift’s song lyrics to complement the show’s narrative was highly impressive. The consistent sell-out of tickets each night speaks volumes about the show’s remarkable production. Additionally, the merchandise flew off the shelves, leaving me with only the option of placing my name for a Midnight shirt order.

    This was easily my favourite fringe show in recent years and I highly recommend it!

  8. This show is student theatre but the kids absolutely killed it and was extremely professional! Audience was packed, it was super well cast and tons of fun. Lots of laughs, fantastic singing and a creative rendition of the Cinderella story. Well done Meraki!

  9. In regards to some of the other reviews “why you gotta be so mean”? This cast completely nailed it! Yes and they are kids ages 12-17 and most are experiencing their first Fringe! The vocals were outstanding, the audience got to sing along and I can guarantee you that every single Swiftie out there was having a blast! I sat beside a non- swiftie who said “it was the best show he had seen”. Huge congratulations to the creative team and the students of Meraki Theatre. I will be attending another performance with bells and my friendship bracelets on!

  10. Honestly, this show blew me away. I don’t know what the other reviews are talking about – there were some friends and family there – but it was SOLD OUT and there were tons of young Swifties beaming at every reference and every joke! How exciting that they’ve sold out every show that they’ve performed so far – this group of young performers is one to look out for! Definitely try to see it – that is, if you can get tickets!

  11. Severly underwhelming.
    A notice that the show is done entirely by children/youth would have been appreciated. [Fringe edit: The program listing does say “We’ve taken the well-known story and made it our own (Meraki’s Version) with the help of our amazing creative team and students at Meraki Theatre.]

    The show is a smashboard of random taylor swift songs that dont contribute to the plot. The young actors are cheered on by their families which seem to be 90% of the audience and actual fans of taylor swift left reeling on what is happening. Beware Swifties…

  12. Overall very cute, though it sometimes becomes confusing plot-wise. This whole cast of young performers are doing a great job!

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