The Smallest Stupid Improv Show

– The Improv Company

For decades, The Big Stupid Improv Show has entertained Fringe audiences with a cast of improvisers in a hilarious show. This is like that EXCEPT it’s the SMALLEST stupid improv show. It’s one of the smallest improv shows in the world. One improviser, one DJ and one audience come together to make something funny, sweet and different every night.
Created and performed by Stephen Sim (The Big Stupid Improv Show, CRUMBS, Pixels, Burns & Allen) with a cinematic score by DJ Hunnicutt.

4 thoughts on “The Smallest Stupid Improv Show

  1. Highly entertaining and truly amazing how skilled this performer is. I was worried that the audience suggestions for what he was supposed to work with would be dead-end and make for a boring show, but he spun out two banal and potentially ridiculous ideas into a zany but absolutely captivating storyline simply out of his sheer acting skills. Mesmerizing to watch.

  2. what a performance! This was an engaging show from start to finish, with plenty of big laughs throughout, and even some touching “awww!” moments that were truly unexpected. Incredible that it all came from only 2 audience suggestions at the beginning- what a feat! I could have watched it twice as long!

  3. Hilarious! Everything about this show is pure gold. Quick thinking, imaginitive, facial expressions, body movements, voices……all gold!

  4. Stephen is just stupid effing talented. It was heartwarming, heartbreaking, funny, and seemed wayyy too scripted for an improv show- that’s how you know its good! The intentionality, skill and talent Stephen brings to his show isn’t something money can buy, but at least we are graced with the opportunity to experience such genius at play and that is just good enough for me. 10/10. Thank you Stephen!
    (also check out his improv classes!
    Idk if this is allowed here BUT! Money can’t buy talent but practice, dedication, effort, perseverance, and a class (or 10) with Stephen is as close as you can get to buying talent like his!)

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